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Auto.Live's full service solution believes in having your service department work smarter not harder! When it comes to a vehicle repair, communication is needed between many people throughout the service department to help ensure that the vehicle getting repaired is back on the road and into you customer's hands as soon as possible. Auto.Live's full service solution makes that process simple and painless. When an RO is open for a vehicle repair, all members that are assigned to that RO by your dispatcher can now communicate with each other real-time without ever having to leave their work station. If your parts department has a question for the technician, it's only a click away. The technician will be notified real-time and can respond instantly with all other assignees being able to see the communication also. It works like an open forum for that vehicle repair between all parties involved. Auto.Live strives to perfect the little things, which add up to make your service department a more productive and more efficient working environment.


Auto.Live Delivers:

  • Employee to Employee real-time communication
  • Transparency inside the service department
  • Automated employee alerts

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